MedLife Ensures Clarity in Patient Statements and Invoices

MedLife goes beyond billing norms, ensuring patient satisfaction through timely statements and reminders. Our dedicated help desk verifies benefits, persistently following up until payments are received. Experience billing with precision and patient care in perfect balance

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EDI Enrollment

We take pride in precision with our patient billing help desk at MedLife.

Billing companies usually don’t give the just attention to this process. In our view, this is the most neglected area when it comes to payment collection. We ensure all your patients are getting regular patient statements and reminders of their outstanding balances and follow-up diligently until you get paid. We utilize our dedicated patient help desk team to send reminders and patient statements after verification of their benefits. MedLife believes a billing company should give as much attention to this process as you give to these patients. You deserve this!

Advanced EDI Enrollment and Clearinghouse Services

17+ Years Experience

Our ultimate goal is to support our clients in reaching a state of financial stability and achieving excellence in their healthcare practices.

Nation Wide Medical Billing Services For Small Practices

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